Brand Story

          With the gradual expansion of men's skincare market and the increasing demands for younger and youthful skin, ordinary skincare brands have been unable to meet the strong demands from the modern men. Today, men are paying more attention to the quality of life and personalized skincare and specific scent to meet their needs. After all, their own skincare scent reflects who they are.


          MARTIN fragrance skincare brand vision was inspired by the desire to help men bring out their inner confidence and charm in today’s fast pace environment.  In the men's skincare market, MARTIN created its own path by adding classic cologne scent to its skincare line and aims to develop men's skincare with the perfect combination of a strong brand vision and exceptional products. 


          In 1690, the Italian barber, Fimini, added the Italian bitter orange oil, bergamot oil, orange oil, etc. based on the "Hungarian water" formula more than 300 years ago resulting in a popular European men's fragrance better known as "cologne".  In 2017, MARTIN continues the European classic formula process, creating a fresh and light fragrance that is more in-line with today's modern men's demands.  It brings out men's individual scent through the citrus aroma and the warm scent of the wood.  MARTIN highlights men's specific personal scent while not losing their youthful complexion. 


          MARTIN uses professional men's classic fragrances as the benchmark and classic cologne as a brand scent throughout its products. Aiming to create a new men's skincare brand, based on the characteristics of classic cologne, MARTIN has developed a series of products that add minerals and plant elements in combination with today's market direction. 


          Compared with other brands, as a leading professional men's fragrance skincare brand in China, MARTIN knows how to develop products that meet the needs of men and understand every man needs to have individuality. With the demands of men's skincare products heavily increasing today, MARTIN firmly believes that with the uniqueness of the cologne-scented skincare line, every man wearing Martin skincare products will stand out from the crowd.  By simply combining fragrance and skincare, MARTIN keeps you looking young and feeling fresh because, at the end of the day, men need sex appeal too.

"No need to take the initiative"
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MARTIN Men Skincare Made in China