Shampoo & Shower Gel Bundle

Shampoo & Shower Gel Bundle

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MARTIN Men's Shampoo & Shower Gel Bundle is designed for men's daily shower needs.  Contains Aloe Vera extract and Coconut oil extract to help deeply nourish your skin. Creates a rich and lightly scented lather that easily rinses off, leaving the skin feeling fresh.  With Cetrimonium Chloride added in the Shampoo, there is no need for a conditioner to make the hair smooth and tangle free. 


    · Package Included:

              260ml / 500ml Nourishing Shower Gel

              260ml / 500ml Oil Control Anti-dandruff Shampoo

    · Skin type: All 

    · Feature:

    1. Special design for men daily bath needs.

    2. Contains aloe vera extract, coconut oil extract, deeply nourish skin.

    3. Energizes skin for a refreshing experience.

    4. Anti-dandruff formula soothes the irritated scalp, relieves itching and prevents dandruff.

    5. With add of Cetrimonium Chloride(Hair conditioner) in Shampoo, make the hair more smoothly, no extra conditioner need.


    Nourishing Shower Gel:

    Apply a proper amount and massage to create rich foam rub on body, rinse off with water.


    Oil Control Anti-dandruff Shampoo:

    Apply a proper amount and massage evenly into hair to create rich foam. Rinse off with water.



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