Skincare 4 Pieces Travel Kit

Skincare 4 Pieces Travel Kit

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The MARTIN Men's travel kits contains essential travel size toiletries and skincare for men. Kits includes Charcoal Face Wash, Nourishing Shower Gel, Anti-dandruff Shampoo, and Hydrating Repair Lotion. It's the perfect holiday and birthday gift and a must have for any travels.


    ·    Package included: Charcoal Face wash 30ml x 1
                                      Nourishing Shower gel 100ml x 1
                                      Anti-dandruff Shampoo 100ml x 1
                                      Hydrating Repair Lotion 30ml x 1 
    •    Skin type: All 
    •    Feature: 
    1.    Travel-friendly and specifically designed for men on the go.
    2.    Contains plant essence ingredients which deliver highest level of quality skincare.
    3.    Formula specially developed for men, light classic cologne scented which smell clean and freshen.
    4.    Perfect gift set for men for their everyday skincare needs.
    5.    This kit is ideal for holiday and birthday gifts, gym kits, business trips, vacations, and is a great add-on for any trip.


    Step 1: Face Wash: Take small amount of Charcoal face wash on your hand, add few drops of water and make foaming, apply foaming cleanser evenly to your face and gently massage your face, rinse off with water.


    Step 2: Shampoo: Apply a proper amount of Anti-dandruff Shampoo, massage evenly into hair to create rich foam. Rinse off with water.


    Step 3: Shower: Apply a proper amount of Nourishing Shower Gel and gently massage on to wet skin to create mild foam. Rinse thoroughly.


    Step 4: Moisturizer: After bathing, apply an appropriate amount of Hydrating Repair Lotion evenly on the face and neck, or where needed, gently massage until absorbed.



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